Electric scooter NDLK

Electric Scooter NDLK

Here is the electric scooter NDLK, the improved version of our previous DLK model. Its redesigned bodywork and double headlights at the front give it a much more modern style. Not forgetting the most important point, the tires 3.00″ x 10″, which are smaller than those of the DLK model, giving it a better range.

It is also equipped with a motor « full wheel » type with an output power of 500 Watts. In addition, the fact that the engine completely fills the wheel gives the scooter more take-off force and traction in the hills. In addition, thanks to its powerful engine, it has the ability to reach speeds of up to 32 km/h quickly. It uses 5 lead-acid gel batteries totalling 60 Volts (20 amps), which give it a range of approximately 60 to 70 km, depending on the weight of the driver and road conditions encountered.

The e-scooter NDLK is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and a digital display with odometer on dashboard. Note that this model is offered with a remote starter and an alarm system. With its affordable price and sporty look, the NDLK model will charm you!

Electric scooter NDLK



Maximum weight capacity

300 lbs

Maximum speed

Up to 32 km/h

Dimension of tires

3.00″ x 10″ without tube


Front and rear hydraulic

Weight without batteries

135 lbs

Weight with batteries

210 lbs


500 Watts – 60 Volts

Braking system

Hydraulic front and rear disc

Battery charger

Off-board 60-Volt / 3-Amp

Maximum range per charge

60 to 70 km

Battery requirements

5 X 12 Volt – 20 Ah

Battery connection



1 year limited on parts and labor
6 month limited on batteries

Special price


For a limited time only…