Mobility scooter Q-SRS

Mobility Scooter Q-SRS

Another new feature for 2018 is the Q-SRS mobility scooter. One of the features of this model is that it is equipped with a solar panel to extend its autonomy, and thus have the possibility of travelling longer distances before recharging.

The Q-SRS is equiped with powerful 800 watt motor, which is powered by four 12-volt batteries, providing it with the energy needed to travel a distance varying from 40 to 60 km per charge. Fast, it can reach a top speed of 15km/h. Note that this mobility scooter comes with a large ultra-comfortable luxury seat, plus a dashboard that shows speed, odometer, temperature, and battery charge level.

Mobility scooter Q-SRS



Maximum weight capacity

400 lbs

Maximum speed

15 km/h

Overall length


Overall width


Ground clearance


Dimension of tires

13″ with tube


Front and Rear

Weight without batteries

220 lbs

Weight with batteries

275 lbs


800 Watts – 24 Volts

Braking system

Electromagnetic generator

Seat type

Large luxurious

Battery charger

Off-board 24-volt / 5-Amp

Charging time

12 hours

Maximum range per charge

40 to 60 km

Battery requirements

4 X 12 Volt – 20 Ah (40 Ah or 80 Ah Optional)

Battery connection

Series and parallel

Body colors

Dark Blue / Dark Red


1 year limited on parts and labor
6 month limited on batteries

Great Price! Reg. 2595$


(No taxable)